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Welcome to American Heavy Haul & Logistics LLC!

Our corporation has twenty-five years, both as a trucking company and a brokerage firm. We have extensive experience in warehousing and distribution of commodities. I personally possess 25 years experience in the transportation and logistics business.

Some of the services we have provided for our customers include redesigning ways to load cargo to eliminate damages in transit and consulting on better ways to ship product to save time, money and manpower. We have learned that customers viewing situations from a different standpoint often increases their awareness that ultimately yields better results.

Recent times have been the most challenging due to high fuel costs that have ultimately lead to higher overall transport costs. We want to be a part of your solution to achieve a better bottom line. I believe there are better ways to help control costs. Our mission is to locate some of the most talented companies and to team with them to meet your needs, and not just in trucking but in cranes and crews or overseas shipments.

Most manufacturers use a company that offers the lowest bid; however this often results in extra costs because this company may not have been the best to suit the specific needs of their company. Also, hiring an inexperienced firm many times results in unnecessary delay charges. Our company will not only save you time and money looking for a service to fit your needs, but will make certain it doesnít take away from what you do best, making the product. We are committed to providing superior professional services. Our well-chosen network will get your product to market on time to keep a steady flow.

Please give us a call to set up an appointment at your convenience, affording us the opportunity to help you grow and make your shipping more productive with more savings. American Heavy Haul & Logistics LLC is a total logistics and transportation company that is experienced in traffic management, and will not pick any contractor from a website that we donít know. Our personnel and supporting companies have been chosen because of their experience, talent and skills. We can have trailers live loaded or dropped at your site; and if you need consultation on that big project, or if you just need advice on new or existing problems, donít hesitate to call us for help in ending your traffic nightmares. If your company has a need for many trailers or only one - or if you need a load that has to go right away, we can help you with the most professional services available. If you have the need for logistics, a flatbed, van or specialized transport, donít hesitate to call us at American Heavy Haul & Logistics LLC.


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We Support Our Troops
We Support Our Troops

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